Friday, February 16, 2007

the Mistress has a new man

Wow. I mentioned that Sexy Englishman asked me out for Thursday, right? Well, we did go out last night, but that was our 4th date. It's been a whirlwind courtship... we spent Sunday night together, as I mentioned in the last post. We had dinner at this fantastic lower east side Italian place ápizz Monday, & afterwards I came up for "just a minute" which turned into another sleepover, although this time with more sleep. Oh I wanted him so much. However, I managed to keep my panties on - although I lost all my other clothes. Still no sex & no pressure from him. I've been pretty sick all week with a frightening cough, which hasn't stopped us for a minute. I can't breathe the cold air outside so Wednesday, Valentine's Day, he came over with champagne, strawberries & a rose. (Oddly enough, my apartment is filled with flowers at the moment. I got a beautiful white orchid from work last Thursday, irises from the ex for my birthday, & roses from Tech Exec for v day. Because a made-up commercial holiday is so much more important than my birthday. Jackass.) SE is such a sweetheart. We got takeout & snuggled on the sofa semi-watching his favorite movie Heat, which he was astounded I had. I'm an action &/or hot babes kind of movie girl, what can I say? He took care of dizzy, feverish lil' me & I think he may actually have kissed my fever away.

Yesterday we had conveyor belt sushi at a Japanese place by his apartment, which was absolutely fascinating. I did not know there was such a thing, it made eating really fun. I mean SE & I were smooching the whole time, so it was already fun, but the moving food was cool. He's going to Puerto Rico this weekend with friends & I was supposed to help him pack but we couldn't stop fooling around. He begged me to take my thong off & I couldn't resist any more so I told him I would if he'd give me boxers to wear. Later, when we "went to bed", the boxers ended up on the floor & we finally did it. & I actually got to finish, which almost never happens & was really mind-blowing. Damn, I knew taking my panties off was dangerous. :) But I'm happy, he's my boyfriend now, & I'll break up with everyone when I get back.

Leaving for South America tomorrow morning - my aunt is going through some personal stuff & my mother deputized me to go be a comfort & help since she can't leave the kids. I'll be away for 2 weeks, not looking forward to it so much but I can work on my Spanish & Chinese (that's all auntie speaks) & catch up on practicing. Please let there be an internet cafe by her house, I don't know what I'll do if I'm cut off from NYC civilization for the whole time. SE & I promised we will behave while we're apart. He's going to France for a week with buddies right before I get back, so it'll be 3 whole weeks. I wanted to wait to have sex until then but I suppose I gave us something to look forward to. This is so weird, I have a boyfriend again. I hope it turns out well.

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