Sunday, September 23, 2007

stupid ads

Saw this next to a Daily Candy email. I like it, it's funny; much better than the silly Sunsilk ads that said "My frizz is so wild even a dominatrix couldn't tame it" & "My hair has more splits than a pole-dancer," among other stupid things. I realize they were trying to be cute but I think they tried too hard with the similes.

Speaking of dumb advertising, Sprint made an unfunny attempt for the World Edition BlackBerry. I probably parsed the ad more carefully than they intended, but basically it says the Sprint W.E. is the most expensive phone ever! (Like that's a good thing.) You can buy it for $10 million, & they'll throw in an island! The way it's written is just retarded. It's not funny or tongue-in-cheek, though I think that's what they were going for. The fine print also says that this offer is only available to the 100 wealthiest people in the world. So nobody else can buy a BlackBerry from them? Retards.

The country of Georgia is also pissing me off. They've got these "Georgia vs. [more well-known country]" ads that utilize spurious logic, such as saying that 3000 years ago they came up with wine, & since their economy has outstripped France's for the last 5 years, people should instead support Georgian viniculture. & since China is only the 4th most reformed economy in the world, while Georgia is the first, the latter is the clear investment choice. I barely drink wine but seriously, if you're going to invest in only one of the countries, it would be very stupid to go with the one that nobody even knows makes wine. & "most reformed"? What the hell kind of economic measurement is that? In the first place, reform implies that it is a comparison. If one went from 0 to 60 & the other went from 50 to 100, the first is more reformed but not better. & my biggest concern if I were investing would be that little Georgia is next to giant Russia, which has been doing a lot of saber-rattling & chest-pounding recently. China, on the other hand, is the giant in its neighborhood. Anyway, I'm probably paying too much attention to detail. I caught up on some sleep during our trip (see next post) but I went right back to staying up super late as soon as I got home, so I'm tired & cranky.

Update August 2008: See, I was right. That business with Russia invading Georgia's province of South Ossetia would never have happened if it belonged to China. China would have looked at Russia & been like, "Bitch, are you trippin'?"

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