Friday, August 31, 2007

Will Shortz is my new bff

I am extremely proud of myself. I finished today's Friday NY Times crossword! Plus I finished last week's Friday as well! Before, I could only do Fridays very rarely but it looks like I am improving. (Newspaper puzzles increase in difficulty from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday being bigger but about a Thursday difficulty.) All those crosswords while we were on vacation really paid off. Last week I was so clever I didn't even look anything up. I had to this week - didn't know a hockey player named Tverdovsky, a wrestler named Flair, or any songs from the '60s - but generally I would just stare at a word & think, or run the alphabet in my head, & I made some inspired guesses. Those clues are hard. I won't give away the answers if anyone is working on it, but what do you think the 8-letter answer is for 16-across, "Exchange for something you really want?" The 10-down "Skin pics?" answer I still don't understand. The worst part about late-week crosswords is trying to figure out what exactly they're driving at. Usually it could be several different things, & there aren't enough words in the clue to let you know which one until you've got some letters. I like how much crosswords exercise my brain though - which reminds me, I need to go pick up some physics textbooks. :)

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