Friday, January 12, 2007

busy party bee

So, lots of partying & dating recently... there has also been some drama with the formerly wonderful Tech Exec, as he disappeared entirely until recently. It seems like he wants me back now but he had better not ever fucking do that again. Will post more when I see what happens. I've also been dating Very Tall Guy, Nice Lawyer, & Grandpa Lawyer (the guy who took me to lunch at L'Atelier). I've had a crush on VTG since we met 2.5 years ago, & it turns out he had one for me too, except I had a boyfriend then. He took me on our first real date on Saturday. We went to a sexy yummy tapas place in the East Village, La Paella, had another glass of wine around the corner & then hung out at his place for a little bit.

Nice Lawyer seems to be completely infatuated with me, & it's even more fun because he's a bit submissive & has a foot & shoe fetish too. We went out twice last week, last night & tonight - he took Fashionista & me to Porçao on Sunday, which was absolutely amazing & fantastic as always. Mmmm I love all types of steak. I exercised my authority last night by walking out when I saw him talking to a girl at the bar. He spent half an hour on the phone begging for forgiveness & swearing up & down that he wasn't doing anything & only wants me. I know I overreacted & probably just caught them at an unfortunate-looking moment, but I thought he was trying to pick her up & I couldn't help being furious. We made up today & I may go to Vegas with him (somewhat platonically) at the end of the month for his law firm thing. I decided not to sleep with anybody until I'm in a committed, exclusive relationship, & hopefully I'll be able to decide between NL & VTG at some point in the near future.

Grandpa Lawyer took me to L'Impero in Tudor City on Tuesday. Oh my god that place is fantastic... it's one of those fancy Italian places on the upper east side with incredible service. GL is way too old for me but it's fun being treated like a real princess. I guess I have to end it soon though.

Here are the lovely Louboutins my client brought me today:

Aren't they adorable? I wore them out tonight. As my footslave said, now I have the big three: Choos, Manolos & Louboutins. Oh I love shoes so much. Especially ones with very tall spike heels. I'm so glad I have a slave who caters to my fetish.

I've been exercising hard all week & forgetting to eat every day except dinner. I'm super skinny but I gotta stop doing that... I worry that I'm getting skeletal again. It's probably also because I end up staying out late almost every night with Fashionista. Speaking of staying out late, on Sunday I finally saw the Girlfriend again! It's been a long time. She's not so busy now & hopefully we'll hang out more. We really missed each other.

In professional news, my band is on iTunes!!! I still can't quite wrap my head around it. Things seem to be looking up in 2007. :)

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Who's your band? I'll look them up.