Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Be quiet!!!

There are some crazy people at my job - not in-your-face crazy, they seem normal & then morph into weirdness. One woman in particular will not shut up. She sits there mumbling or humming to herself sometimes, which is pretty bad, & a lot of the time she is on the phone. It's a quiet room so we can all hear her inane conversations. She also asks idiotic questions about the docs we review - something that's obviously non-responsive, she'll ask loudly & long-windedly about anyway. At first I was able to tune her out but now my patience is fraying. I want to kill her. Or gag her, except then she could still hum.

Another woman is pretty quiet until you say something to her. Then, if you said "A", she would say something possibly touching on A but going off towards, say, P by way of W. Every time she does I look at her, puzzled, wondering how it has anything to do with the topic. Usually her take on it is negative & incorrect, too. & she won't stop talking. I would give you an example except my mind immediately blocks out the specifics, in an attempt to save my sanity.

The third crazy also won't shut up. She's not quite as off the wall as the other two, but she definitely doesn't know when she's made her point. & she's superficially sentimental & illogical in a way that makes me violent. For instance, we were talking about that alleged JonBenet killer, & she said, "It couldn't be the parents, it's so terrible to do something like that to a child! They couldn't do that to their own little girl. She was so adorable, the parents couldn't possibly hurt her." On & on until I finally reminded her that parents are people who can have problems just like everyone else & there are lots of examples of parents abusing their own children.

This is the zoo where I work. I should really be quiet & grateful that I have a job, but I don't think I can endure much more. Fortunately I'm going to take a break for at least two weeks in September. Wish me luck!

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