Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The other night on St. Mark's Place, a beggar asked me for change. I was window-shopping so I actually turned around, thinking it was someone with a legitimate question, instead of ignoring him as I normally do. I said we didn't have any change. As he walked away my friend heard him say, "Bitch." She stopped him & asked, "Why do you have to talk to my friend like that? It's so disrespectful." He pretended not to have said anything. She asked him again, so he said loudly over her further questions, "No I didn't say that, I was speaking French. Yeah I was speaking French, I was speaking French" as he walked away. It was such a bizarre reason we just let it go. I think that's the first time I've ever been called a bitch here. A quintessential Manhattan experience. Actually, sometimes I like to call myself a grade-A New York bitch so it's kind of funny.

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