Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Welcome to my world

I had the best drink ever the other day. The Girlfriend & I got mango mojitos at Yuca on 7th & A. I normally don't like mojitos, what with all the crushed leaves, but this drink was amazing! It was the best mango product I have ever tasted. Now go forth & pester your local bartender for alcoholic mango goodness. :)

In other news... Pluto is a planet! & so are 3 more, bringing the total to 12. The International Astronomical Union has decided what constitutes a planet. It must: be big enough that its gravity makes it round, orbit a star, & not be a star or a planet's satellite. The largest asteroid, Ceres, between Mars & Jupiter; Pluto's erstwhile moon Charon; & another object even further out, nicknamed Xena, also make the cut. (Charon & Pluto are now considered a double planet because they basically revolve around each other.) Check here for updates.

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