Friday, August 25, 2006

crazy Wednesday night

Most nights I go straight home after work & practice until 10pm. Wednesday night I was kind of down so I decided to have dinner with the Girlfriend instead. We had so much fun! We had Japanese barbecue at Yakiniku on 9th Street - heaven for us two carnivores. We got 5 plates (!!!) of steak & short ribs to grill & lots of sake. Then we wandered over to what used to be Lucky Stiff's because I knew someone who worked there, except now it's a very very gay bar with strippers & porn called BoysRoom. It was hilarious - we saw some cute boys standing outside in their briefs & wondered what the hell was going on until they came in & started humping the stripper poles. The funniest part was this song that came on, with a chorus of "It's all over your face, how do you like the taste!"

The gay boys weren't into us shaking our booties in their bar so we went to 7A for several more cocktails & a very yummy waffle... we finally left around 4, & as we got to the GF's place, we ran into Bill Murray's son & his girlfriend in the bar next door. They're nice. I stayed at GF's apt since I had work in a couple hours... I fell asleep around 4:30, & dragged my ass up at 7. I'm still surprised I managed to wake up & get to work. Of course I spent the whole day trying not to fall asleep on my computer but I did make it in.

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