Friday, August 25, 2006

Forbes woman-baiting

I know everyone's already flogged this dead horse to pieces, but as a "career woman" by Michael Noer's definition, I'm putting in my 2 cents of protest. (If you haven't read the articles, Gawker has found non-Forbes links here. Let's not increase Forbes traffic.) From a scientific standpoint, his conclusions are nonsense. He looks at all the data as though the men's behavior isn't a variable along with the women's. Almost every sentence in that article is skewed or nonsensical. One of the most glaringly stupid statements is that "working outside the home actually increases marital stability, at least when the marriage is a happy one. But even in these studies, wives' employment does correlate positively to divorce rates, when the marriage is of 'low marital quality.'" So - basically, divorce is correlated to whether a marriage is happy or not. Wow, what a newsflash. How did he get "don't marry career women" from that?

The best part is his definition of marriage-killing harpy as one who works more than 35 hours a week & makes more than $30,000 a year. So guys should stay away from most of the women in Manhattan? By his illogic, marrying a golddigger who does nothing but shop & party on other people's money will make a better wife than a woman who has her own career & interests & can help support the family. That's brilliant. & the unspoken assumption of the entire article is that men are doing it right but these educated bitches are fucking it up. Maybe if husbands helped out around the house, took care of the kids sometimes & made sure to demonstrate their love to their wives, marriages would last longer.

This dumbass seems to have issues with strong, successful women. My guess is he's actually very attracted to them but he can't admit it to himself, so he lashes out this way as camouflage. Maybe he just needs to see how much fun it can be... I'm going to keep a picture of him on my computer in case he ever comes to the dungeon. I hope he asks for heavy corporal punishment so I can beat his sorry little ass black & blue.

Anyway, it's almost time to leave work (oh no! maybe I should go back to starving idly so I can snag a lazy-ass husband!) so I'll leave additional criticism to more qualified people.

Update: there is a rebuttal in book form coming out next year.

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