Wednesday, August 23, 2006

La Traviata in the park

Last night I went to the Met's free performance on the Great Lawn. I love opera (though I'm not that kind of singer) & I rarely get to indulge because ticket prices are too high, so this was really wonderful. My friend brought sushi, pinot grigio & lawn chairs so we had a great time. I am forced to listen to crappy pop music so much that the pitch-perfect, lyrical arias were a welcome shock. I completely forgot that that's what real singing sounds like. It was also great that Violetta & Alfredo were Korean instead of white as usual. I love when Asian people are part of things without being an ethnic stereotype - they're in the part because they happen to rock. & surprisingly, the lawn was entirely packed. I'm talking people bumping into my hair because there was so little room to maneuver. It made me so happy, knowing lots of people still love classical music & it isn't dying of neglect, just pricing itself out of business.

They're doing Rigoletto tonight, 8pm, check it out. Don't drink too much unless you want to wait in a very looooong line at the Porta-Potties.

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