Friday, August 18, 2006

One thing I don't like about being a domme is the misconceptions. When I tell people about it, they invariably think that my job is beating men up. No, my job is to play psychological games. My clients want to be dominated & humiliated, & physical pain is only part of teaching submission. I have to set up the situation so that he feels completely out of control & at my mercy. It requires me to read his mind, know how much he can take & how far I can push his limits. Anyone can learn how to wield a flogger - getting into someone's head is a lot harder, although it's also much more rewarding.


CawfeeGuy said...

GO you! more straight men NEED to be at someone else's mercy! work the whip girl!

Renaissance Diva said...

Thanks! Glad you stopped by. Btw how did you find my blog? (So I can help others find it too)