Saturday, August 19, 2006

flaky people

This afternoon I got a call from the studio (that's the dungeon downtown where I rent space) that someone wanted a session at 6. She said he'd asked if I had a fur coat - I laughed out loud & said, "If I had a fur coat, I wouldn't need to be a domme, not to mention it's August!" I had to get on the train before knowing if he'd confirmed the session or not. I checked with the studio right before I got on & the receptionist told me someone else wanted to schedule too, so I figured I'd have a session either way. Unfortunately, no one called back so I made the trip for nothing. Although I had a very nice chat with the receptionist. I hate when people are flaky. You'd think they'd be too submissive to pull this kind of crap but it happens pretty often. Oh well. I think I'll practice & try to cheer myself up.

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