Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rihanna is a dumbass

OK, that's not quite fair, as I'm not sure who wrote the lyrics to her song Unfaithful. But it's more fun ragging on her so I'm going with that. What the hell is the problem? You want to stop cheating? Break up with his pathetic ass! Either stop fucking around or just be honest with yourself & go out with other guys. I don't see why he's still with you. & you certainly have an inflated opinion of yourself, thinking he's going to die without you. Obviously you don't love him that much if you keep doing other guys while "trying" to stop. You can call it whatever you like, but cheating is cowardly - you're unhappy & looking for satisfaction elsewhere, & instead of being an adult & talking to your man about it, you just quietly disrespect him.

This song pisses me off so much because the melody is gorgeous. Rihanna's voice sounds almost as sexy as she looks but the lyrics totally ruin it for me.

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