Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tonight I will be partying with Hedge Funder & his friends & Brooklyn Hottie... very much looking forward to it. I haven't seen BH since I met her on Halloween though we've chatted over text. HF took me to Mercer Kitchen last night because I wanted steak & he lives in Soho. We had a nice talk about relationships & stuff & I discovered that he actually wants to date me, not just fool around. We haven't done anything but he tries, & I thought he just wanted to score. It was nice to find out that he's really into me. & oh my god the food was so good. I'd been there before a couple times in my banker days, & I don't remember it being that fantastic. We had the shrimp salad & crabcake appetizers, which were amazing, then I had the NY strip & he got the lamb chops. I almost thought I died & went to heaven. So that was a very good date. & I expect to have a super crazy night tonight. :)

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