Thursday, November 16, 2006

fun night

I've had 3 sessions in 4 days. I guess men need discipline before the holidays. Or maybe it's just the sight of me in leather - yesterday's slave told me he loved me about 5 times. Wasn't sure what to say to that. Yay for me & yay for my bank, since I always put my cash away. My stripper friends keep telling me to put it somewhere safe at home but fuck that & holla at my HSBC 5% savings account. (Am I using that phrase correctly? I don't like hollering at things anyway. I'm an ex-classical musician, we protect our ears.) Besides, I pay exorbitant taxes on my lawyer earnings so I figure I'm ok throwing some undeclared cash in the bank.

I had a doctor's appointment & tough dance class before my session at 9. Hung out with Dancer & some of her friends afterwards... there was Gansevoort rooftop partying with yummy food, Home dancing, & Scores West lap teases. They played Sexyback at Home, so you know I got my sexy on with this cute guy friend of Dancer's, Resto Manager. There aren't many activities that can top shaking my ass on turbo for someone who appreciates it, especially since I can bellydance. (That's right, Asian Shakira is in the house.) Also the stripper hair toss with my super-long hair - the trick is to flip your hair up immediately & slowly, seductively, let the rest of you follow. Oooooh & Scores was really fun! This Korean-Japanese stripper took a shine to me &... let's just say the boys got quite a show. :) I got a dance from this smokin' hot Russian chick too but she had her eye on business more & I wasn't comfortable recklessly spending other people's money. We checked out Bungalow 8 afterwards. RM & I had fun dancing & dipping me. Now I am home, a bit tipsy, blogging before I forget how much fun I had tonight. Time to quit while I'm ahead? You betcha.


Anglican said...

I would never yeild to a dominatrix.
I prefer it the other way around frankly. Nothing better than having a woman wearing a gag and spanking her bottom.

Mikey said...

Ahh no - you've got to be flexible. Mix it up a little.

I would say that though, I'm switchy as fuck.