Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Went to see this with a couple mistress friends, which was awesome because they enjoyed it as much as I did & I didn't have to pretend not to be a sadist. It is gruesome though! There were a lot of parts where I had to cover my eyes because I just could not bear to see, even though I tried to watch. I'm surprisingly squeamish. I thought the story was better than Saw II - the characters were less annoying & there are a ton of twists that untangle at the end & you go, "Ohhhh that's why..." Seriously, it is extremely gory. For instance, a guy rips out large chains deeply embedded in his flesh by himself & you see the blood pouring down - watched that through my fingers - & another guy tries to saw off his foot but can't so he bashes it repeatedly with some metal board until it's broken enough for him to pull it out of the shackle. Oh my god that part I couldn't even watch. In general, though, it wasn't too preachy & made me think about if I actually appreciate my own life. I bet Jigsaw would come after me if he were real - I guess I'm pretty lucky & I kinda take everything for granted. Thank goodness he's imaginary! I don't think I could do anything disgusting or horrifically painful to save myself, as that would demand a commitment to surviving that I doubt I have. So yeah, it's fun, go watch if you have the stomach for it.

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Mikey said...

No. That just sounds nasty.

I like films where things happen - i always fall asleep in self-concious art flicks where Bill Murray sits there & does nothing for 90 minutes - but whereas cartoon violence and goofy villains getting their comeuppance reaffirms my faith in a kind of DC Comics Manichean morality, movies with actual convincing pain & horror in them just make my teeth ache.