Wednesday, November 15, 2006

thank you Dear Readers

I can't tell most of my friends about my blog, usually because they don't know I'm a dominatrix, & sometimes because I have many complaints about them. So it's really hard for me to build up circulation. I like to check Sitemeter & see who's been tuning in, & I always find it hilarious how many totally random people read me, even if it's just the one time. I seem to have a fan in Prague - dobrĂ˝ den! - as well as someone in Fiji & a couple people in New Zealand. Also a shout-out to Future Lawyer friend who reads me faithfully, unlike some friends (yes Girlfriend, I am making a face at you). Good luck on finals both of you.

I always wanted to be a writer but found myself ripping up all the extracurricular stuff I wrote, thinking it wasn't good enough. There are probably a grand total of 4 stories that survived the carnage. This is my way of keeping my writing, thinking about stuff I read or that happens to me, & feeling like I'm connected to the world. I hope to stay entertaining - feel free to comment & ask questions, & thanks for reading!

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Ryan said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the link and thanks for checking in and commenting at Pissed&Petty.

You said:
"I hope to stay entertaining-"
Well, you and me both, sister.

Best regards,