Friday, September 01, 2006

The airport sucks

I'm sitting here, ridiculously early for my flight, trying to calm down my allergies. I spent an hour and a half wedged into a little seat on a van struggling with my nose, & as soon as I walked into the airport it went into hyperdrive. I've now taken a Claritin, an Allegra, & 3 Dayquil. I'm so speedy from all the decongestants, I'm shaking as I type this & can barely talk.

Security is crazy. They are still not allowing any liquids except baby formula, medication, & contact solution. To avoid the madness of check-in I did all carryons but that means I have NO toiletries with me. It's a good thing my family will have stuff. This whole lockdown on items is retarded. They're focusing on the symptoms instead of the problem.

Anyway, I have to go scrounge up some Kleenex. Gah I wish I could reason with my nose. Maybe slap some sense into it.

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