Monday, September 11, 2006

deplorable children

I was walking out of the subway today trying to find the bookmark in my book when this schoolgirl almost walked right into me. I was visibly startled & said "Oh sorry!" but instead of apologizing or at least saying excuse me, she & her teenage friends laughed loudly. They kept laughing as they walked down the stairs, saying "Haha we scared her!" Nasty little brats. Reminds me of the time I was on an extremely crowded subway car & this teenager in school uniform bulled her way on while a bunch of people were trying to get off. Even her friends knew better than to try to get on then. She intentionally shoved me & several others in the process so I bumped her harder back & she yelled something at me but I was already at the turnstiles. It's no wonder New Yorkers have a reputation for rudeness. If the kids are this bad now, they'll only be 10 times worse when they grow up. Who the hell laughs & insults when they walk into someone? & I notice it's always the schoolgirls traveling in packs, though one would expect the boys to be more aggressive. Maybe the girls are trying to be tough & show off for their friends, but they are old enough to know better.

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